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Franchise the Greatest Sno on Earth®

Welcome to Bahama Buck’s Franchising, where every single day we bless our guest!

Lose The
Suit & Tie

...put on the shorts and flip flops, and join the Bahama Buck’s Franchise Family. As the nation’s premier tropical dessert franchise, we’re on mission to Refresh Others. Together, Bahama Buck’s is putting amazing flavor back into franchising. We invite you to take a few minutes to get to know more about the island lifestyle opportunity at Bahama Buck’s.

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So do we. Plain and simple--no one does Sno® better than Bahama Buck’s. That’s why we’re consistently ranked as the nation’s #1 tropical themed dessert shop. Offering an upbeat blend of lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunities, we’ve created an attractive franchise package enabling you to capitalize on the Greatest Sno on Earth!

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Surround yourself with fresh, innovative products, new creative ideas, and an uncomplicated streamlined approach to serving Bahama Buck’s flavor fans--people passionate about their taste buds! THE JOURNEY BEGINS HERE...

Flavor Your Life®

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Our Plan To Win

Simple. Straightforward. Honest.

Bahama Buck’s proven "Plan to Win" is splendidly uncomplicated. Our dynamic franchise system and team of professionals are passionately committed to developing excellent people, excellent products, and excellent places. We believe excellence begins with a clear focus.

  • Bahama-Bucks-Franchise-Shaved-Ice

    Excellent Product
    and Processes.

    Flavor is our mantra. At the heart of our
    menu is Bahama Buck's world famous Sno: irresistibly delicious and undeniably simple. Bahama Buck's products represent a history of inspiration, fun, creativity, and ultimately millions of satisfied customers. Infusing our menu with these ideals allows us to continue to surprise our customers and create those simple satisfying moments you savor in life. Every product embodies the spirit of Bahama Buck's--to live each day with passion, conviction, and flavor. Hence..."Flavor Your Life!"

  • Bahama-Bucks-Franchise-Community

    Excellent People

    Like people? We love 'em. Success is contagious, and you'll find Bahama Buck's culture is full of people who love life, kids, music, dancing, and of course... desserts.
    Hard work? Absolutely. Everyone from our renowned staff, the Avalanche Crew, to our family of owners is committed to excellence
    in “providing a great time, every time!” You'll feel it through a thriving team spirit, and you'll reap its rewards through happy and loyal customers. Bahama Buck's franchise system actively engages, inspires and challenges people to make a positive impact--at every level. Excellent People--it's what makes Bahama Buck's uniquely different.

  • Bahama-Bucks-Franchise-Location

    Excellent Places

    We believe desserts should arouse all your senses. What you see, hear, touch, and smell will please you at Bahama Buck's, and that's before you order. Bahama Buck's adds a new dimension to the frozen dessert category by offering an entirely unique tropical experience. Bahama Buck's stores are island-inspired, comfortable, and uplifting destinations where people can create their perfect all-day dessert, "chillax," and connect with friends. Our locations offer an escape for today's consumers who want a "taste of paradise" without the long weekend. The experience is sure to feel like a getaway, whether you're on vacation or looking for a vacation from everyday life.

The Numbers

Straightforward. No games or gimmicks. Bottom line, we’ve been committed to making the Greatest Sno on Earth since day one and that's not about to change.

Like simple? Here's the real deal:

  • $599,535


    for shops performing in the top 25% for our system...and gaining. Bahama Buck's systemwide average store sales have increased 67.6% versus 10 years ago. We've got something people crave and we're the absolute best at it.

  • 23.65%


    Impressed? So are our competitors. Simple, focused inventory allows us to enjoy some of the lowest food AND paper cost in the industry. Now that's impressive.

  • 26.48%


    Dare to compare. Clearly a nice profit margin within the frozen dessert industry. In fact, it's even more impressive in comparison with the broader QSR marketplace.

Island Investment

Invest in the Islands!

The flexible Bahama Buck's business platform can flourish in a variety of settings. Whether investing in a traditional freestanding building or an in-line shop, Bahama Buck's helps franchisees tailor their island lifestyle dream to fit almost any real estate opportunity.

The Process

Ready to plan your escape to Bahama Buck's? Here's how to proceed.


    Introduce yourself by submitting the Franchise Application Form. After reviewing your application we'll set an appointment to formally introduce ourselves and the Bahama Buck's Franchise Program to you via phone call. After this initial meeting, Bahama Buck's Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will be sent to you.


    Ready for numbers, legal and more? The Bahama Buck's Franchise Disclosure Review guides you through the "black and whites" of our franchise program and discusses the financial scope of owning a Bahama Buck's shop. Qualify here and you'll voyage on to Step 3.


    Clearly understand what it takes to positively impact the lives of others and discover how Bahama Buck's systems and programs consistently create the "Greatest Sno on Earth." Got what it takes? If we like what we see, you'll receive an invitation to attend Bahama Buck's Discovery Day.


    Bring your "A" game and let's get busy. Meet our Executive Team and tour Bahama Buck's shops for a full understanding of what the taste of paradise is truly all about. By the end of the tour, you'll be fully disclosed "hands on" style. From here, executive approval for a franchise will be given or denied.


    Congratulations! The Franchise Agreement is sent to you for signing and franchise fee is paid--you're officially a Bahama Buck's Franchisee. Welcome to the family! Now your adventure begins.

Franchise Request

Bahama Buck's is immediately seeking outstanding single-unit and multiple-unit franchise candidates across the U.S*. who share our passion for island life and want to grow with our brand. In many states, there are numerous areas which Bahama Buck's has preapproved for development, please review the list below to confirm that opportunities exist for your area of interest.

Existing Store Opportunities

The following Bahama Buck's shop owners are available to discuss your interest in purchasing the store they currently have in operation.

I'm Interested 
In Pursuing This Further

What should I do next?

If you share our passion for island life and meet the financial and personal qualifications, we invite you begin the journey by filling out the Franchise Application Form below.

Once received, we will contact you to discuss Bahama Buck's opportunities and answer additional questions you may have regarding Bahama Buck's. Expect the best and live life with flavor!®