Bahama Sodas

Loosen Up and
Cool Down

We blend your favorite soft drink, our original gourmet flavors, and Tropic Creme to create the ultimate soda experience!

Caribbean Cola

A new take of a traditional coke float. Coca Cola® mixed with rich Vanilla flavor & Tropic Creme.

Costa Colada

Sip on a refreshing blend of Sprite®, Piña Colada flavor & Tropic Creme.

Dr. Paradise

Escape to paradise with a mix of Dr. Pepper®, White Coconut flavor & Tropic Creme.

Blue Lagoon

Dive into a thirst-quenching blend of Sprite® and Blue Coconut flavor.

Cherry Lime Squeeze

Everyone's favorite soda combination of Sprite®, Cherry flavor & fresh squeezed lime.


Nutrition and Allergen Information

Learn about the ingredients that Flavor Your Life®.