This is what dreams are made of!

Have you been dreaming of a taste of nostalgia? You’re in luck! Bahama Buck’s is kicking off the spring season with a  brand new Dreamsicle Delight Sno® and Smoothie! For a limited time, you can enjoy the classic taste of Dreamsicle at your local Bahama Buck’s. Make sure you grab one (or both) before this dream ends!


Dreamsicle Delight Sno®

Kick off spring break with a Bahama Buck’s Dreamsicle Delight Sno. This dreamy Sno features the classic Dreamsicle flavor with a Bahama Rama Mama twist! Don’t know what a Bahama Rama Mama is? Bahama Buck’s adds a scoop of Blue Bell®* vanilla ice cream to the bottom of the cup and tops the Sno with their famous Tropic Cream.


Dreamsicle Delight Smoothie

Do you remember eating those  refreshing Dreamsicle popsicles as a kid?  Well, that’s precisely what the new Dreamsicle Delight Smoothie at Bahama Buck’s is like! This delicious blend is made with Dreamsicle flavor, Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and is topped off with a cherry.


Order Your Island Indulgences Online

Dreamsicle Delight Sno® and Smoothie delivered right to your door? With online ordering, you can get your favorite Sno, Island Smoothie, or Island Refresher delivered straight to your door. You can order online through our website or download our Bahama Buck’s app to place an order and start earning Paradise Points! If you have a large group, we also offer catering options featuring our create-your-own Paradise Party Packs® and Sno2Throw™ SnoBalls.

To place an order, download our Bahama Buck’s app by clicking here or by visiting our website to get your favorite Island Indulgences on the go!

*Blue Bell available at participating locations.