Calling all Sour Flavor Fans!

If you’re looking for your sour flavor fix, check out our top shaved ice flavors to try with our super sour Sno topping, WARHEADS® Sour Spray!

1. Mango Sno with WARHEADS Sour Spray

What’s the only thing that could be better than the sweet flavor of Mango? Mango shaved ice with WARHEADS Sour Spray, of course! This flavor combination is the perfect mix of sweet and sour that’s sure to please every Flavor Fan!


2. Super Sour Blue Raspberry Sno with WARHEADS Sour Spray

This Sno isn’t for the faint of heart! Our Super Sour Blue Raspberry shaved ice flavor topped with our WARHEADS Sour Spray is the ultimate sour flavor combo!


3. Lime Sno with WARHEADS Sour Spray

Not too sweet and not too sour, our classic Lime shaved ice flavor is the perfect pair for our WARHEADS Sour Spray. It’s so good, you won’t be able to put this flavor combo down, but trust us, it’s worth the brain freeze!


4. Pink Lemonade Sno with WARHEADS Sour Spray

This Sno is every sour flavor-loving kid’s dream! This pink Sno topped with red spray makes for the perfect surprise for our youngest Flavor Fans that just can’t get enough sour flavor!


5. Lemonberry WARHEADS with WARHEADS Sour Spray

Our Lemonberry Warheads Sno is the OG flavor to get with our Warheads Sour Spray! If you’re looking for an extra burst of sour, try adding our Sour Sand…if you dare.


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