Ready to get your caffeine kick?

Bahama Buck’s recently announced their partnership with Red Bull® for this summer! With the launch of three new drinks infused with Red Bull, Bahama Buck’s is ready to enter new territory in the drink and beverage industry.


Bahama Buck’s New Partner? Red Bull

Matt Ewing, Manager of Research and Development at Bahama Buck’s said, “We have been wanting to dip our toes into the energy drink marketplace for a while. We figured if we were going to do it, we needed to partner with the #1 energy drink in the world”. Red Bull is constantly creating and developing new flavors, media, and is a pioneer of the beverage industry. Ewing also stated, “Energy is a large segment of the rapidly growing beverage industry and we did not want to miss out on this opportunity.”Red Bull has been distributing energy drinks worldwide since 1987 and Bahama Buck’s has been serving Sno since 1990, giving this partnership over 65 years of combined experience in the beverage industry.


Available with Original & Sugar-Free Red Bull

Bahama Buck’s has introduced three new Red Bull Infusions for Flavor Fans to enjoy: Citrus Swell, Tropical Wave, and Berry Crush. Bahama Buck’s is taking the energy drink that everyone loves and adding a tropical twist… elevating it to the next level. Each Red Bull Infusion has custom flavors mixed with a full 8 oz. can of Red Bull. Bahama Buck’s will also sell Red Bull by the can in original and sugar-free flavors. Guests can also create their own Red Bull Infusion with a mixture of any Bahama Buck’s Flavor they desire.


Ready to Try the New Red Bull Infusions?

Red Bull Infusions will be offered for a limited time only! Infusions launched May 1 and continue through the end of August. Red Bull Infusions will be offered in shops and are available online through or the Surf Club App for pickup or delivery. Visit a location near you and try the new Red Bull Infusions today!