It’s the New Year so, that calls for some new flavor combination recommendations! We have collected some of the sweetest, the sourest, and the most flavorful combinations for you to try! If you have a favorite flavor combination that we missed and didn’t add to the list, and let us know!


Flavor Combinations

  • Shark Attack Bahama Rama Mama:
    • The classic Shark Attack flavor, but replace the Sour Patch® Sauce with our Tropic Creme to tie in perfectly with the vanilla ice cream Bahama Rama Mama!


  • Lemon-Lime:
    • A timeless flavor combination that turns savory when you add Chili Salt and Chamoy toppings, ultimately creating a savory concoction!


  • Super Sour Cherry Limeade:
    • Get ready to pucker! We recommend getting a half-and-half Sno® with Super Sour Cherry and Super Sour Lime, then topping it off (literally) with our Sour Sand!


  • Blueberry-Vanilla:
    • Two quintessential flavors create a whirlwind combination, especially with the delicious Cinnamon Sugar in the center of the Sno and on top!


  • Pink Lemonade:
    • Pink Lemonade is delicious on its own, but when Sour Sand® and NERDS® are added, it’s out of this world!


  • Cherry Coke® Bahama Rama Mama:
      • With our Cherry Coke flavor, we recommend adding our Strawberry Blue Bell Ice cream to the base of Bahama Rama Mama!


These are just a handful of our favorite flavor combinations! Our flavors alone are amazing, but when you add any of our toppings, it brings your experience to a whole new level. The next time you order a Sno, try adding a new topping or making your Sno a Bahama Rama Mama, you won’t be disappointed! If you try one of these for the first time, or go with your all-time favorite flavor at your local Bahama Buck’s, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or on TikTok!