Spring into the season with Bahama Buck's all-new Spring flavors!

Spring has sprung! This means our shops are  blooming with new products for our Flavor Fans. Guests can now enjoy Buck’s newest Signature Snos: Cracklin’ Cotton Candy, Wacky Watermelon, and Poppin’ Piña Colada. Each new Signature Sno is served with its  own corresponding flavor of Sno Pops™ popping candy! Also, the refreshing blend of the new Watermelon Mango Sunrise smoothie will surely delight all Flavor Fans!


Sno Pops™ Popping Candy Signature Snos

Prepare your tastebuds for the ultimate popping flavor experience with Bahama Buck’s newest Signature Snos and Sno Pops Popping Candy. The flavor combinations of Cracklin’ Cotton Candy, Wacky Watermelon, and Poppin’ Piña Colada are bound to blow your mind! The best news yet, you can take Bahama Buck’s popping candy anywhere on the go! The three Sno Pops flavors will also be sold as 10-gram individual packets. Pop into your local Bahama Buck’s today and try Sno Pops!


Watermelon Mango Sunrise Smoothie

Spring means more rain, flowers, and Watermelon Mango Sunrise Smoothie! Buck’s newest smoothie brings a refreshing blend of mangos, oranges, our new delicious Watermelon flavor, and non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt. Grab this smoothie while you can! The Watermelon Mango Sunrise smoothie will be rising on March 13, 2023 and setting on July 4, 2023.


Spring For Our New Products & Order Online!

Spring into action and have your Bahama Buck’s delivered! With online ordering, you can get your favorite Sno, Island Smoothie, or Island Refresher delivered straight to your door. You can order online through our website or download our Bahama Buck’s app to place an order and start earning Paradise Points! If you have a large group, we also offer catering options featuring our create-your-own Paradise Party Packs® and Sno2Throw™ SnoBalls.


To place an order, download our Bahama Buck’s app by clicking here or by visiting our website to get your favorite Island Indulgences on the go!