‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and delicious treats!

Cooler weather is here and Christmas is quickly approaching. This can only mean one thing; Bahama Buck’s annual Holiday Flavors are back! This holiday dessert guide is sure to keep you in the holiday spirit all season long!


Christmas Tree Sno 

Do you want to experience Christmas in a cup? Bahama Buck’s Christmas Tree Sno will have you in the holiday spirit with just one bite! Enjoy this Mango Berry flavor with a garland of Sour Patch® Sauce and Party Sprinkles. It will be one of the most perfect Christmas trees you’ve ever seen……fir sure!


Candy Cane Sno 

You + Candy Cane Sno = pepper-meant to be! This sweet, minty treat is topped with red Holiday Sprinkles and made with love! Want to take your Candy Cane Sno to the next level? Ask our crew to add Chocolate Creme!


Santa Sno 

Have you been good this year? Is your tinsel in a tangle? Our Santa Sno is the perfect fix to get you on the nice list! Bahama Buck’s Jolly Ol’ Saint Nicolas is dressed up in White Cherry flavoring with yummy whipped cream in the center and on top. Our Santa Sno looks just like a Santa hat and is a crowd favorite!


Peach Cobbler Sno

Dessert before a big holiday feast? Yes please! If you enjoy a festive peach cobbler, then this Sno was made just for you! Buck’s Peach Cobbler Sno will have you feeling peachy and nostalgic for this classic holiday treat! Our Peach Cobbler Sno is a Peach flavor with vanilla ice cream, Tropic Creme, and Cinnamon Sugar.


Holiday Cheer Pack

Are you in charge of bringing dessert to your holiday party? Be the star of the show and order a Holiday Cheer Pack or a Holiday Cheer Party Bundle (which includes 2 60-packs of SnoBalls) for your family and friends to enjoy the taste of the holiday season from home! Let your party guests have fun building their own unique holiday shaved ice creation with Bahama Buck’s signature Holiday Sno flavors and toppings. After you finish eating your delicious Sno, head outside for a classic SnoBall fight!


Bring the taste of the Holiday’s home!

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