Calling all Festive Flavor Fans!

Here at Bahama Buck’s, we don’t hold back with a “take-one” candy bowl. We have the best treats to help you get your candy fix this Halloween! Find the perfect flavor combination to fulfill your Halloween cravings.

Check down below to find your favorite candy picks and the Snos that would be perfect spooky treat for you!


Happy Halloween written in Sour Patch® Sauce.

Do You Like Sour Candy?

Get ready to pucker up with these insanely sour combos!

• Kinda Sour: Sour Patch Kids® Blue Raspberry Sno

• Mildly Sour: Lemonberry WARHEADS Sno with Sour Sand

• Extremely Sour: WARHEADS Sno with Sour Patch® Sauce and Sour Sand


Are You a Chocolate Fanatic?

Dive deep into our delectable chocolate-inspired flavors!

• Semi Chocolate Fan: OREO® Cookie Sno with extra OREO® Creme & OREO® Cookie Pieces

• Medium Chocolate Fan: Chocolate Covered Cherry Sno with extra chocolate Tropic Creme

• Pro Chocolate Fan: OREO® Cookie Sno Bahama Rama Mama with chocolate ice cream, chocolate Tropic Creme, & OREO® Cookie Pieces


Do You Have an Insatiable Sweet Tooth?

Here are our go-to sweet candy-flavored Snos!

• Classic Candy Go-To: Pink Cotton Candy Sno with Princess Sprinkles and Whipped Cream

• Candy-Coated Go-To: Gummy Bear Sno with extra Gummy bears and  Tropic Creme

• Candy Fiend Go-To: NERDS® Rainbow Sno with Gummy Bears and Princess Sprinkles


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