845/950 FUND Score!

As the nation’s premier tropical dessert franchise, no one does Sno® better than Bahama Buck’s. You will find yourself surrounded by fresh, innovative products, new creative ideas, and an uncomplicated streamlined approach to serving Bahama Buck’s Flavor Fans. With the simple approach of providing guests with excellent products, excellent people, and excellent places; Bahama Buck’s is true to it’s mission of Blessing Our Guests, by seeking franchise owners that want to jump into a hands on business opportunity. Bahama Buck’s recently received a high FUND score, leaving the dessert concept a low default risk. See why Bahama Buck’s is a concept that can ultimately Flavor Your Future!


What Does the FUND Score Mean? 

The FUND score is a way lenders can quickly assess the strength of Bahama Buck’s as a brand financially. With our score ranked in the 845 out of 950 range, lenders can make quicker and more confident loan approvals based on the success of our concept. Similar to a FICO score on consumers, a FUND Score on franchise systems are used by banks to help them determine their willingness to make loans to a particular brand and, if so, to help banks structure and individual price loans. A total of 13 credit risk factors are evaluated for each brand. The resulting score informs a lender of the likelihood that borrowers in a specific franchise system will meet the loan agreement terms. The report details metrics that assist banks with the underwriting process for an individual loan, enabling a lender to determine the appropriate terms, including interest rates and capital reserves for a specific franchise system.



Bahama Buck’s FUND Score 

For franchise systems with high scores, lenders are inclined to offer better lending terms to franchisees. The lender must rely more on borrower strength to compensate for weaker franchise system credit risks for franchise systems with low scores. Since the score is based on a consistently applied methodology and each franchise system is underwritten to this same standard, lender use of FUND Scores eliminate underwriting inconsistencies and interpretation issues. FUND Scores have been applied to hundreds of franchise systems. Both quantitative and qualitative factors are consistently used, providing a proper perspective of what good and poor franchise performance look like from a lender’s perspective. The Bahama Buck’s Franchise Corporation scored 845 out of 950 on our FUND score (scores your franchise financially), which falls in the low risk category.


Join the Bahama Buck’s Franchise Family!

As one of the highest AUV franchises, Bahama Buck’s offers an upbeat blend of lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunities. With a FUND score in the 845 out of 950 and based on the FUND Methodology falls in the low risk category, Bahama Buck’s is a great dessert concept to invest in. At Bahama Buck’s they’re proven “Plan to Win” is splendidly uncomplicated. Bahama Buck’s franchise system turns the island experience from wishful thinking into a tropical dessert reality!


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