Check out some of our favorite flavor combinations that will WOW your taste buds! 

With over 100 unique flavors to choose from when ordering shaved ice, there is a lot of room for mixing and matching to create the ultimate, custom Sno.

1. Blueberry Muffin with Creme & Cinnamon Sugar

Are you a breakfast fanatic? Take your ultimate breakfast cravings to the next level with this sweet flavor combination. Blueberry Muffin with Tropic Creme and Cinnamon Sugar tastes JUST like the real deal! You won’t regret this version of your favorite breakfast pastry.


2. Mango & Cherry with Chili Salt & Chamoy

Fun fact, this is our CEO, Blake Buchanan’s, current go-to flavor combination. He orders it almost every time he goes to a shop. The mixture of fruit flavors paired with salty and spicy will make you want to go back for more, too! Next time you’re having trouble deciding on what to get, you can’t go wrong with this CEO-approved combo!

*Chili salt and Chamoy are available at participating locations.


3. Banana, Blue Coconut & Strawberry with Party Sprinkles & Whipped Cream

This colorful flavor combination has been rightfully dubbed, the Unicorn. If you’re looking for a fun, Instagram-worthy Sno, then this one is for you. It’s also the perfect combo for kids and will make their eyes light up when they see it. You will definitely win “guardian of the year” with this Sno.


4. Coca-Cola® with Vanilla Ice Cream Bahama Rama Mama (BRM)

If you’re a big fan of Coke® floats, this Sno will check all of the boxes! Try our signature Coca-Cola or Cherry Coke flavor with vanilla ice cream at the bottom of your Sno. Our soft shaved ice paired with ice cream is the perfect mix for every dessert aficionado.


5. WARHEADS® with Sour Patch® Sauce & Sour Sand

For those who love super sour flavors and try to find the ultimate sour concoctions, we recommend this flavor combination. Our WARHEADS flavor with Sour Patch Sauce and Sour Sand will make your mouth water and your lips pucker. Try it if you dare!

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