What does it take to be a successful Bahama Buck’s franchisee?

While there are a million little things that contribute, these three simple “do’s” create the environment for success.


Do Right By Your Crew

At Bahama Buck’s, we call them our “Avalanche Crew.” These are our talented frontline team members who serve our guests with excellence. A successful franchisee knows their crew is their most important asset.


Mark Ku, a Bahama Buck’s franchisee in Dallas, TX says, “When your Avalanche Crew feels valued, it translates to great guest service. When crew members enjoy their work they aren’t looking at the clock. They’re enjoying their jobs and having fun. Guests pick up on that. They catch that positive attitude. Couple that with excellent product and they want to come back.”


Bahama Buck’s franchisees place a high value on treating their Avalanche Crew well. It shows up in team member retention. In the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) industry, the average tenure of an employee is a mere 3 months. For Bahama Buck’s stores, the average team member stays for just under 2 years. When crew members feel valued, they stick around.


Do Right By Your Guests

 (as you see above, we like to call guests) are the life-source of a franchise. How we treat our customers is the difference between a one-time customer and a repeat guest.


Andrew Packer, Field Operations Manager at Bahama Buck’s, says, “Our mission is to “bless our guest with the ultimate tropical dessert experience”. The verb in that phrase is “bless.” Blessing our guests takes creativity. Because bless means something different to each person who walks through our doors. For some, it’s fast service. For some, it’s a great product. For others, it’s our family-friendly vibe. A successful franchisee pays attention to those details.”


Do Right By Yourself

Simply put, if you do right by your crew and do right by your guests, doing right by yourself is the inevitable outcome.


When franchisees do right by their Avalanche Crew, they feel valued. Valued crew members Bless Our Guests with excellent service which creates loyal customers. Loyal customers are repeat guests. Repeat customers are the franchisee’s reward for doing right by their crew and guests.


When that positive loop of service is set in motion, it spins off success. For more information on franchising, click here!