One of the few concepts that have seen growth during Covid-19 is Bahama Buck’s.

3rd Quarter AUV Growth: 29.78%

All-time AUV System-wide Record: $475K

4th Quarter Prediction 94.13% of shops will see increased sales

2020 Organic Guest Growth:

1st Quarter – 12.48% | 2nd Quarter – 6.43% | 3rd Quarter – 42%


While COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across our nation and the restaurant industry, one of the few concepts that have seen growth is Bahama Buck’s Franchise Corporation. The 106-unit dessert concept is experiencing AUV growth of 29.78% through October so far and shows no signs of slowing down. The end-of-year projections now show 94.13% of stores will see an increase in sales this year and overall AUV will rise to an all-time record level of over $ $475K.


Based out of Lubbock, Texas, the tropical-themed dessert concept deems itself fortunate to have so far weathered the economy and government mandates due to COVID-19. Having 74% of locations with drive-thru access has allowed stores to remain open, while still following state mandates, leading these locations to see an overall increase of 33% in AUV. Even non-drive-thru stores have bounced back from temporary closings to show a positive annual increase of 5.41% for 2020.


Organic guest growth has been driving sales higher in 2020 as published in the August issue of QSR Magazine. In January and February, guest counts increased 12.48% year-over-year. Those numbers temporarily dropped in March by 6.43% % once COVID-19 regulations were introduced. From May-October, guest counts skyrocketed by 30% as safety protocols were implemented to provide a trusted guest experience. The guest counts have continued to increase with October’s count over 42% higher than last October.


In addition, retail stores have seen higher average ticket prices of over 17%. New smoothie rollouts and higher product awareness have successfully increased the higher ticket smoothie items by 25.21% versus last year. Other successful promo items for its core product, shaved ice, included popular add-ons increasing the overall ticket price. Lastly, online and third-party sales have more than doubled since March and show an increased ticket price of 53.18% more than in-store purchases.


With these advances, Bahama Buck’s has been experiencing development growth. By December 31, the dessert franchise is expected to have signed 12 additional franchise owners for 2020. Along with the current 75 additional development areas already in place, they continue their goal of bringing the Greatest Sno on Earth® to more cities across the United States.


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