Bahama Buck's Original Shaved Ice Company

Welcome to the smoooooth side of life.

Slip away to the islands with our famous Island Smoothies. It's time to relax...

Ease into Buck's creamy Orange Cruiser or relax with the celebrated Strawberry Calypso. Need a chocolate fix? Our Kokomoko is an intense overload of dark chocolate and mocha java. Come experience a taste vacation with us!

The perfect indulgence has to be Bahama Buck's cold and creamy Island Smoothies blended with the freshest fruits, natural juices, and our gourmet flavors.

Our collection includes everything from the world famous Oasis to our kingpin--the cool, refreshing Wavebender. Whether you're looking to do the Congo or just feel like the Big Kahuna, we've got a smoothie for you.

Smooth tropical sensations--served with a straw. Welcome to nirvana.