Bahama Buck's Original Shaved Ice Company

Simple. Straightforward. Honest.

Bahama Buck’s proven “Plan to Win” is splendidly uncomplicated. Our dynamic franchise system and team of professionals is passionately committed to developing great people, great products, and great places.

We believe excellence begins with a clear focus.

Great Products.
Flavor is our mantra. At the heart of our menu is Bahama Buck’s world famous Sno: irresistibly delicious and undeniably simple. Bahama Buck’s products represent a history of inspiration, fun, creativity, and ultimately millions of satisfied customers. Infusing our menu with these ideals allows us to continue to surprise our customers and create those simple satisfying moments you savor in life. Every product embodies the spirit of Bahama Buck’s--to live each day with passion, conviction, and flavor. Hence...“Flavor Your Life!”

Great People.
Like people? We love ‘em. Success is contagious, and you’ll find Bahama Buck’s culture is full of people who love life, kids, music, dancing, and of course... desserts. Hard work? Absolutely. Everyone from our renowned staff, the Avalanche Crew, to our family of owners is committed to excellence in “providing a great time, every time!” You'll feel it through a thriving team spirit, and you'll reap its rewards through happy and loyal customers. Bahama Buck’s franchise system actively engages, inspires and challenges people to make a positive impact--at every level. Great People--it’s what makes Bahama Buck’s uniquely different.

Great Places.

We believe desserts should arouse all your senses. What you see, hear, touch, and smell will please you at Bahama Buck’s, and that’s before you order. Bahama Buck’s adds a new dimension to the frozen dessert category by offering an entirely unique tropical experience. Bahama Buck’s stores are island-inspired, comfortable, and uplifting destinations where people can create their perfect all-day dessert, “chillax,” and connect with friends. Our locations offer an escape for today’s consumers who want a “taste of paradise” without the long weekend. The experience is sure to feel like a getaway, whether you’re on vacation or looking for a vacation from everyday life.

Bahama Buck’s franchise system turns the island experience from wishful thinking into a tropical dessert reality. Start to finish, Bahama Buck’s presents a “plan to win” at every phase of the journey. Come enjoy the island lifestyle with us.

Plan to win--it’s better than you imagined... 


This is not an offer to sell you a franchise. An offering is made by prospectus only in the form of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).