Bahama Buck's Original Shaved Ice Company


A temptation for the taste buds, Chocolate Sno is finally here---the flavor we've all been waiting for! Get your Ghirardelli fix with this smooth, decadent Sno flavor. The perfect treat to share with your Valentine! 

Thanks to Buck's new Thin Ice formula, we've made it easier than ever to enjoy sweet tropical treats while staying focused on your fitness. Pick one up today and enjoy soft, flavorful Sno, guilt-free!  

Yummmm. Love-a-Lada's here, and we're smitten with strawberry. Enjoy this cool fruity treat topped with delectable strawberry sauce and, of course, fluffy whipped cream! 

Buck's famous Forbidden Fruit is back just in time for the month of Love. We recommend sharing those sweet strawberries, ice cream, and chocolate with your crush. Then tell them how you really feel...about Bahama Buck's!