Bahama Buck's Original Shaved Ice Company

After 25 years of creating mini-vacations for all our guests, Bahama Buck’s is basically an expert when it comes to paradise. This summer we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary with a true Taste of Paradise—the Paradise Sno! Featuring a delicious flavor in our classic teal and coral flavors, the Paradise is sure to take you on a mini-vacation every day.

Planning an event with a lot of people? Whether a birthday party, wedding, cookout, or just satisfying a colossal craving, a Paradise Party Pack is the perfect solution! With 2 sizes, you can buy just the right amount for your family and friends. Check here for more information on the Paradise Party Pack and Party Pack Jr. 

What can we say? Our Cool Spoons are just plain cool. These spoons actually react to the cold by changing from one color to another. These aren't your average spoons. We feel confident in saying that these changing spoons will change your opinion on regular spoons forever.