Bahama Buck's Original Shaved Ice Company

Trick or Treat? Bahama Buck's is all about the treat. This Fall we're serving Super Sour Slime, Candy Corn, Smashing Pumpkin, and Boo Raspberry from our bag of treats. So skip the trick and come treat yourself to our Fall Flavors.

The brisk weather of Fall is upon us! The leaves are changing colors and you can almost smell pumpkin in the air. It's that time again--Pumpkin Spice Frostalatte is back, just in time to welcome the new season!

Summer has come and gone, and colder weather is creeping in. Not to worry--your mini-vacation isn't going anywhere. Not only can you still get Sno in the winter, but you can receive double, triple, or even quadruple punches in your punch card with Polar Punch Rewards! Check with your local store to see which temperatures give rewards.

Do you know about our Bahama Sodas? Do you also know that we have a Happy Hour for them every day from 2-5? These refreshing sodas are blended with Bahama Buck's own gourmet flavors and are a perfect addition to any day.