Bahama Buck's Original Shaved Ice Company

Welcome to the Island Side of Life!

Experience the inviting tastes of the islands at any latitude. At the heart of Bahama Buck’s menu is our island inspired world famous Sno®--shaved ribbons of soft, fluffy Sno, generously showered with one of more than 91 Bahama Buck's proprietary gourmet flavors.

Every Bahama Buck’s authentic island dessert captures an entirely unique sensory experience. Our island creations explode with unstoppable flavor. Of course, it goes beyond taste to your inner spirit, your style, and those moments you savor in life. Try us once and we’ll show you how to soak in the island lifestyle.

Whether it is a zany combination of flavors over perfect Sno, or a carefully concocted tropical drink, the atmosphere is always fun. Every beverage and gourmet dessert is topped with a smile--it's the Bahama Buck's Style.

Come enjoy a Taste of Paradise!

Original Flavors
Apple Lemon
Banana Lemon-Lime
Banana Colada Lime
Big Red Mango
Birthday Cake Margarita
Black Cherry Orange
Blue Bubblegum Passion Fruit
Blue Coconut Peach
Blue Raspberry Pickle Juice
Blueberry Piña Colada
Blueberry Cheesecake Pineapple
Blueberry Muffin Pink Bubble Gum
Cheesecake Pink Lemonade
Cherry Princess
Cherry Colada Red Raider/Sun Devil
Cherry Coke® Red Raspberry
Cherry Lime Root Beer
Cinnamon Root Beer Float
Coca Cola® Sour Patch®
Coconut Cream Pie Strawberry
Cotton Candy Strawberry Cheesecake
Cream Soda Strawberry Colada 
Dreamsicle Strawberry Daiquiri
Fuzzy Navel Strawberry Margarita
Grape Sugar Cookie
Hurricane  Tiger's Blood
Hurricane Colada Toasted Coconut
Hurricane Daiquiri Tropical Delite
Ice Cream Tutti Frutti
Icing Vanilla
Jamaican Punch Watermelon
Jamaican Rum Wedding Cake
Jungle Berry White Coconut
Key Lime Pie  

Thin Ice™ Flavors
Birthday Cake Strawberry Cheesecake
Blue Coconut Super Sour Apple
Cherry Super Sour Raspberry
Grape Toasted Coconut
Jamaican Punch Vanilla
Peach Watermelon
Piña Colada Wedding Cake
Red Raspberry White Coconut
Strawberry "Flavor of the Day"

Super Sour Flavors
Apple Lime
Blue Raspberry Pink Lemon Sour
Cherry Pink Lemonade
Grape Red Raspberry
Jungle Berry Strawberry
Lemon Watermelon

Sno Add-Ons
*Product selection may vary by location.
Blue Bell® Vanilla Ice Cream
Blue Bell® No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream
Tropic Creme Dark Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Creme Strawberry Sauce
Sugar Free Creme Caramel
Chili Salt Chamoy
Lemon-Lime Salt Party Sprinkles
Green Chili Salt Cinnamon Sugar


Island Smoothies
1. Bahama Colada - Slip away to the islands with a tropical flavor treat! Cool pineapple, coconut flavor, and the fruit of your choice!
2. Bahama Daiquiri - Aaaah, there's nothing like Bahama Buck's rum flavor blended with our daiquiri mix and the fruit of your choice--you'll be in paradise!
3. Bahamakazi - Strawberries mixed with peach flavor and guava juice. A powerful potion full of pizzazz!
4. Wavebender - You'll think the waves are running sideways after this tasty treat. Fresh bananas, pineapple juice, rum, and coconut flavors mixed together into an ocean blue concoction.
5. Strawberry Freezecake - The ultimate for strawberry cheesecake lovers. Strawberries and strawberry juice blended with cheesecake flavor.
6. Strawberry Banana Calypso - Love island indulgences? Experience the lush flavor of sweet strawberries blended with tropical bananas and strawberry juice--indulge island style!
7. Oasis - Get away from it all with strawberries, bananas, orange juice, and coconut flavor. Perfect for that mental getaway!
8. Coconut Kulana - Coconut lovers rejoice! This over-the-top creamy coconut sensation with vanilla ice cream, coconut juice, and coconut flavor will send you to coconut heaven.
9. Congo - A creamy jungle mix of bananas, guava juice, and coconut flavors--sure to make the monkeys beg for more!
10. Peach Flamingo - Peaches blended with peach flavor and pineapple juice. It'll make you flap your wings in delight!
11. Bahama Berry Blast - A tart, creamy concoction made with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberry juice, and super sour jungle berry flavor.
12. Havana Cabana Banana - Something that tastes this good should be illegal! Fresh bananas, orange juice, and rum flavor blended to creamy perfection.
13. Mango Tango - Something that tastes this good should be illegal! Fresh mangos, mango juice, mango flavor, and cream blended to creamy perfection. Substitute cream for chamoy to make it a Mangoneada!
14. Orange Cruiser - It's like a Dreamsicle in a cup--refreshing orange juice and orange flavor blended together with vanilla ice cream.
15. Kokomoko - An intense chocolate overload of cola, dark chocolate, and mocha java flavor blended with chocolate ice cream.
16. Strawberry Bliss - This one is simply strawberry nirvana! Strawberry ice cream blended with strawberries, strawberry juice, and strawberry flavor.
Create Your Own
Make your own smoothie using any of our fresh fruit choices, Blue Bell® Ice Cream, Original Flavors, and Bahama Boosts!  
Bahama Boosts
*Product selection may vary by location.
Add a healthy kick to any Island Smoothie!   
Protein - Get a boost from soy protein, which promotes muscle growth and maintenance.
Anti-Stress - Stave off stress with our special blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals.
Energy - Power up with the invigorating kick of ginseng and B vitamins.
Vitamins/Minerals - A dynamic blend of 23 vitamins and minerals for total body health.
Immunity - Protect your body with our combination of defensive herbs and vitamins.


Bahama Sodas
Refreshing sodas blended with Bahama Buck's own gourmet flavors.
Caribbean Cola - Cool down with this creamy Caribbean favorite.
Cherry Sublime - The traditional cherry lime with a tropical twist.
Bahama Breeze - Escape to the islands with this dreamy Piña Colada.
Bahama Soda - An icy mix of sodas and any of Buck's famous flavors!
Available with our Thin Ice™ flavors and diet soda for a reduced calorie alternative.

Lemonades & Limeades
*Product selection may vary by location.
Choose from an assortment of our 100% natural drinks.
Lemonade - Buck's favorite--frozen, of course!
Limeade - Pucker up! It's tart and refreshing!
Lemon-Limeade - Twist it up! Fresh lemons and limes.
Cherry Limeade - An island favorite! Fresh limes and our famous cherry flavor.
Strawberry Lemonade - Strawberries and fresh lemons--a tribute to sunshine and summertime!


*Product selection may vary by location and season.
A blend of fresh seasonal fruits generously covered with your choice of Buck's famous Island Toppings and whipped cream.
Mixed Fruit
Strawberries & Bananas
All Strawberries
All Apple
Add a scoop of Blue Bell® Vanilla Ice Cream or Blue Bell® No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream.

Island Toppings
*Product selection may vary by location.
Cremes - Chocolate Creme, Sweet Creme
Sauces - Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry
Shakers - Chili Salt, Lemon-Lime Salt, Green Chili Salt, Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar


*Product selection may vary by location.  
Unlock the ultimate island experience with our Island Warmers. This rich hot chocolate also comes in vanilla white chocolate, or add any original flavor to your Island Warmer. '
Hot Koko - Rich, Hot Chocolate  
Hot Frost - Hot, Vanilla White Chocolate  


*Product selection may vary by location.
Exclusively blended from the richest and most flavorful coffee beans in the world. Island House Coffee® combines the rich overtones of pure Kona coffee with the enticing fusion of our signature flavors to create the perfect island experience.
Mainland Coffee - Classic Kona Coffee
Arumba - Island Rum-Flavored Latte
Blondé Mocha - White Chocolate Cafe Mocha Latte
Cocomel - Coconut Caramel Latte
Island Mocha - Cafe Mocha Latte
Mahalo Mocha - White Chocolate Coconut Latte
Paradise Royale - Chocolate Caramel Latte
Playa del Caramel - Caramel Macchiato Latte
Vanilla Vista - Silky Vanilla Latte


*Product selection may vary by location.
Buck's Frozen Island Coffees made exclusively with our own private blend of Kona coffee.
Arumba - Island Rum-Flavored Latte
Blondé Mocha - White Chocolate Cafe Mocha Latte
Cocomel - Coconut Caramel Latte
Island Mocha - Cafe Mocha Latte
Mahalo Mocha - White Chocolate Coconut Latte
Paradise Royale - Chocolate Caramel Latte
Playa del Caramel - Caramel Macchiato Latte
Vanilla Vista - Silky Vanilla Latte


Create your own party in paradise anywhere with Bahama Buck's Paradise Party Pack (serves 25) or Jr. Party Pack (serves 10). We include everything you need to make and enjoy Buck's fluffy Sno and fabulous flavors--you supply the fun!


Take the cool taste of the tropics anywhere! Discover the smooth, creamy frozen treat that will tantalize your taste buds.
Cherry Sublime Riptide Razberry
Krazy Koconut Watermelon Wave


"Sno" kidding - SnoBalls year 'round! Buck's powdery-soft spheres of fluffy Sno come in packs of 24 in a box or 60 in a styrofoam cooler. Sno2Throw SnoBalls are perfect for parties, events or just for some cool, clean fun.


Gift checks from Bahama Buck's are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cool, sweet, delicious fun! Gift checks are available in increments of $5.